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Sean WillChene
Chief Executive Officer
+1 (701) 429-3698

Sean WillChene is the founder and CEO of Shared Solar Advisors USA.

Before working in community shared solar, Sean developed his sales technique by selling vacuums door-to-door to support his wife and kids.

He opened a distributorship selling vacuums and air cleaners and sold the business in 2016 to move into the solar industry.

In 2017, Sean founded Shared Solar Advisors USA. The mission of the company was simple: take what he had learned from over six years of door-to-door sales and apply it to selling something that was good for people and good for the planet.

Knowing what it was like to work 50+ hours a week barely to make ends meet, Sean set up the company with a mentoring philosophy. He wanted everyone who worked with him to make a six figure income in their first year without working over 40 hours a week so that they had the personal freedom to live without fear of debt.

Five years and 500 fulfilled megawatts later, Shared Solar Advisors boasts an awesome team of 50 sales reps who are on track to make over $80,000 this year while still having time to be with their families and pursue their passions.

Sean lives with his wife and three kids in Rockford, MN.

Riley Woollen
Chief Operating Officer
+1 (718) 501-7353

Riley has been with Shared Solar Advisors since January 2021. Before joining SSA, Riley worked primarily in the media and entertainment industry, helping teams to improve company administrations. Based out of New York City, Riley has worked on projects with such companies as Real or Magic LLC, Jax Media and the Common Place Project. Riley enjoys using an empathic approach to enhance team dynamics and morale.

He got his BA in Comparative Religion from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and has loved being able to use his training in textual studies to help spread the message about community shared solar. When he is not working, he’s likely doing improv or trying to find someplace he can swim.

You can reach him with any inquiries about partnering with Shared Solar Advisors.

Luke Carlson
Director of Recruiting
+1 (320) 224-6176

Before working at SSA, Luke worked in marketing and recruiting for over ten years. A native of Minnesota, he’s an avid outdoorsman (can you tell by the photo?) He’s passionate about fitness, health and wellness and does what we can to help others achieve a sense of balance in their lives.
Fun fact: during his college years Luke traveled around the Midwest, cage fighting professionally and trained with some of the biggest names in the MMA world.

Seth Reynolds
President of Sales
+1(207) 370-9496

Seth has been a lifelong lover of all things nature. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, he has worked on and offsite with international development projects and sustainability initiatives. Seth received a degree in Environmental Conservation at the University of New Hampshire and has continued to work in the sustainability sector ever since. Growing up, vacations always consisted of camping in Baxter State Park and enjoying all that Maine’s wilderness has to offer. This only solidified Seth’s passion for shared solar as a way to preserve and protect what makes Maine such an incredible place.

Ana Nava
Payroll Specialist
+1(951) 393-7242

Ana was born in California. She has a bachelors degree as an accountant. Before starting in Shared Solar Advisors, she worked at a real state investment company purchasing properties. In her free time she likes to sing and and cook. Ana loves working at Shared Solar Advisors because she can make a healthy living while stewarding the environment at the same time.

Russell Sklander
Dream Manager

Meet Russell, our company’s esteemed Dream Manager. Formerly a dedicated team leader, Russell now dedicates his time to nurturing the aspirations of our team members. With his guidance, individuals across the company take tangible steps towards realizing their dreams. Russell’s role extends beyond mere facilitation; he embodies warmth and approachability, ensuring that everyone feels supported and encouraged along their journey. Beyond his role as Dream Manager, Russell seamlessly manages day-to-day operations, from organizing meetings to providing invaluable support whenever needed. With his ever-present smile and unwavering positivity, Russell truly makes dreams come true within our workplace community.

Jonathan Stevens
Financial Operations Specialist

Jonathan grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. He worked in various industries –cleaning, sales, truck driving, mechanics. After marriage to his beautiful wife, he lived in PA for 11 years running an insurance office. They moved back to Mass and lived in an RV full-time for 6 years while working on snowplows and doing truck repair. More recently they were together doing volunteer construction in NY. Now they have ended up on the coast of Maine where they are both very happy to be. After initial doubts Jonathan is very excited to share with his neighbors the benefits of Community solar both from an environmental perspective and an economic savings for his neighbors.

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